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No more ink-stained fingers

When I went hunting for my first newspaper job, I carried a dark brown leather portfolio. A meager selection of my stories and photos were inside.

In those early days, I saved every story I wrote, evidence I really was a full-time staff writer, paid to do something I loved. And if a story was good enough, I cut it out and glued it to the black pages of my portfolio.

The years passed and I had soon had filled several cardboard boxes with my precious clips – precious not because they were necessarily any good, but because they were my ticket to the next job.

I started my career at the Fort Collins Coloradoan, a Gannett paper in northern Colorado in the 1980s. Since then, journalism portfolios have evolved. They’re lively and colorful. They’re digital and interactive.

I’ve evolved, too – at least I hope I have. I don’t just write newspaper articles anymore. I produce multimedia stories and documentary videos. And this is the spot where I will post – not glue – the best of them.

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