Bubba Toothed Bandit


I met John Stanley by chance in Cuba more than a decade ago. He was a crime consultant and lectured at universities. He had a radio show, “Crime Wise With John Stanley,” which aired every Sunday on KRLD-AM in Dallas.
But in 2003, he snapped, robbing – by his estimate – 34 banks in Texas and five other states. The FBI nicknamed him the “Bubba Tooth Bandit” for his habit of wearing ugly fake teeth with dirty gums.
john-stanleyHe was convicted and sent to prison, where he’s Inmate No. 16051-077 and has a scheduled release date of May 18, 2062.
Stanley went into seclusion after his latest conviction. He had not told his story to anyone until I interviewed him at the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont, Texas.
You can read about his exploits in the “Bubba Toothed Bandit,” available on Amazon.com.

Unconventional bank robber had a passion for Cuba

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