Future of Cuba is “anyone’s guess”


This video is one in a series about the hopes and dreams of Cuba’s 1.5 million 20-somethings.
The video is part of a multimedia project called “Cuban Youth: A New Dawn?”
The project was made possible by the non-profit Pulitzer Center in Washington, D.C.
This video features an interview with journalist Jasán Nieves, who works for OnCuba, an online magazine based in Havana.
Cuba has changed over the past three or four years in ways that few people would have imagined, Nieves said.
Just how it will continue to evolve is anyone’s guess, he said.
“I don’t think anyone now can imagine what this country will be like in three years.”
And while Cuba’s future may be uncertain, Nieves, 27, said he doesn’t plan to seek his fortune in the United States, where most of his family lives.
“I’m not interested in living the United States,” he said. “I want to live in Cuba. Only when you leave Cuba can you appreciate the security we have to walk the streets. It’s something that could fade – it fades during moments of economic crisis – but for now it’s still there.”
Nieves said he would like to see changes in Cuba.
“I’d like this country to be more prosperous,” he said. “I’d also like this country to be more democratic. Democracy without a label…that people have real power. That’s democracy.
“I don’t think this country is completely undemocratic, but it needs many more spaces of real democracy, of empowering the people, so that people can carry out whatever initiative they want, economic, political, social.”

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