Las Damas and their fight for the streets


This video is about Las Damas de Blanco, or Ladies in White, a pro-democracy group in Cuba. I am grateful to the Pulitzer Center, which helped pay the costs of reporting in Cuba.
The narration in the video is in English and the interviews are in Spanish. My apologies to those who don’t speak Spanish. I had intended to add English subtitles and do additional editing on the video. But then Cuban authorities in September 2012 launched one of their biggest crackdowns ever against the group, arresting dozens of members. Suddenly, Las Damas were in the news.
I decided to release the video, despite its unfinished state, because it was timely.
The video contains interviews with members of Las Damas, including the group’s late leader, Laura Poll├ín, along with Castro loyalists who oppose the group.
Cuban officials contend that the U.S. government finances Las Damas illegally and that it is part of long-running American efforts to undermine the socialist government.

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