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Fall of Kunduz

The provincial capital of Kunduz was back in the news this week after the Taliban regained control of the city.
Kunduz was the first major city to fall to U.S.-backed Northern Alliance troops in November 2001. Now, nearly 14 years later, the Taliban is back in control.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told reporters that security forces were staging a counterattack to try to push back the Taliban.
This week’s developments brought back memories of Afghanistan. I went there after the Sept. 11 attacks to cover the fight against the Taliban. I was a correspondent for the Dallas Morning News at the time. I traveled to the war zone with a talented and gutsy photographer named Cheryl Diaz Meyer.
Oct. 1 update:
CNN was reporting today that Afghan troops had retaken most of Kunduz. A Taliban spopkesman said they were still fighting, and some Afghan families were fleeing the city.
Raw video footage I shot in Kunduz is below. WARNING: Some of the images are graphic.

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