Migration exodus has hurt dissident groups, U.S. says

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans have left the island over the past few years, which has weakened dissident and human rights groups, U.S. officials say. In response, the State Department last year offered up to $1.5 million for projects aimed at helping recently exiled Cuban activists to “continue to work with their networks and counterparts … Read more

Cuban-American journalist receives prestigious fellowship

The International Center for Journalists earlier this month announced six Knight Fellows, including Cuban-American journalist José Jasán Nieves. Jasán is editor-in-chief of El Toque, a leading source for news about Cuba. As a Knight Fellow, he “will work to produce a sustainability playbook for exiled newsrooms on how to thrive while serving their home communities … Read more

Cuba faces “worst economic crisis in its history,” U.S. says

On May 10, the State Department published an updated strategy toward Cuba. Below are excerpts of the document. Integrated Country Strategy CUBA Chief of Mission Priorities The Mission is focused on five key priorities: the protection of American citizens in and visiting Cuba, supporting Cubans who seek to exercise their universal human rights, promoting economic … Read more

Senator rose to power with help of Cuban hardliners

Sen. Bob Menendez, the most powerful Cuban-American to serve in Congress, goes on trial in Manhattan on May 13 on bribery and other charges. The New Jersey Democrat furiously denies the accusations and vows to wage his “biggest fight yet.” A forgotten story is that Menendez may not have reached the pinnacle of political power … Read more

Controversial senator insists on tough U.S. policy toward Cuba

To prosecutors, he’s a criminal, a clever politician who stashed gold bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in his closet. But to supporters, Sen. Bob Menendez is a patriot, a hero who can do no wrong. Menendez “is the most important figure in the history of the Cuban exile in Washington,” television … Read more