Father to fugitive children: “Don’t ever turn yourself in”

The FBI is searching for Jonny and Olivia Pollock in connection with the Jan. 6 revolt at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Jonny has been at large since June 2021. His older sister, Olivia, failed to appear for her trial in Washington earlier this month and an arrest warrant was issued.

Their father, Ben Pollock, said he worries about his children, but he is proud of them for standing up for their beliefs.

In a March 19 interview, Ben told me:

“And if I could speak to them right now, I said, ‘Don’t ever give up and don’t ever turn yourself in.’ I told them, ‘What ever happens to your mama and me, you know,’ when this was all beginning and we knew how corrupt it was, I told them, ‘Don’t ever give up.’ I said, ‘You got to show America that you can stand against this.’”

Excerpts from my interview are below:

Ben Pollock: It’s been a whirlwind. We just got through Michael Perkins’ and Josh Doolan’s hearing up in D.C. and Olivia was supposed to be there. And, of course, everybody knows she didn’t show up. And so it’s been really hard on mom and myself. They’ll always be your babies. You know, no matter how old your kids get, they’re your babies. She’s a 30-year-old woman. You know, she’s an adult. She makes her own decisions. And you couldn’t tell her what to do anyway. So she’s strong, strong, very strong-willed woman. But she sees what’s going on in America, and she’s sick over it. She’s heart sick, just like the rest of us. And so I look at at her life and I’m just amazed at, you know, how she stands for what’s true. The last speech I heard her make, we were together. You were there with us. And she was in St. Augustine. And she said the whole January 6th was surrounded by people that wanted truth. You know, they didn’t necessarily feel like they had all of the truth. Some people didn’t understand the stolen election. Some people did. Some people didn’t understand.

But they were wanting our government to look at and find out the truth. With Olivia, you know, her whole speech was the truth will ultimately set us free. And she knew that in her heart, you know, that if we didn’t find the truth, we were going to be buried in these gulags just like these other men.

Question: So can you say something about Olivia’s relationship with Jonny?

Ben Pollock: I can. When they. When the kids were growing up, one of the things I did right as a parent, if they got to fighting with one another, I would tear them up. I said, you don’t. You don’t hit on one of my children. And I would treat all of the kids the same. And I would I did my best to you know, they’ll say, Oh, I had my favorites and all, but I didn’t. I even with the grandchildren that are that we have now. I tell them all the time, I said, I love these grandchildren and they’re sweet as can be, but I love my kids. We had eight children. You know, when Olivia was the oldest girl. And and she helped us raise a lot of the, you know, Jonny and Thomas and Mary and James. It was like it was like we had for four children and then had four more. You know, we had the older set and then we had a whole ‘nother set of younger children. And the older set helped us raise the younger children. And so there was eight of us, eight children, and there was ten of us all together, of course. But but with that, the relationship with all of them. We’re close. But Olivia and Jonny were were very close. They did a lot of things together. They rode across the whole state of Florida together. They did a lot of camping together.

Olivia, you know, if I named her anything, it would be one of her names was Free. She just always had jobs and things where she could be free and travel. She loved to travel. And so and she knows people all over the country.

The truth is always God’s heart. You know, my brother said if we did something wrong that day, we should own up to it. And I agree with him. You know, things didn’t turn out the way we had planned. We had planned on having a peaceful day January 6th, but it turned out to be something totally different that nobody expected. Nobody expected the Park Police to attack the American people. That’s not being heard. I’ve said it every every speech and I’ll say it every speech again. You know, why did these homeschool kids that loved, loved the Lord and loved truth and never, never gotten a public fight in their life? Why did they resist authority that day? And I tell you, there’s a story in that. And I’m telling the pastors, if you want to know the truth, all you have to do is ask God, get on your faces and ask God who’s the rightful president. You know, if you believe in God, if you believe there is a God, ask him. God’s not scared of the truth. I’m not scared of the truth. And I’m just saying, all we have to do is, if you believe that Joe Biden is your president, go to work the next day. Go to work. If you didn’t vote for him, then stay home and we’ll see who’s telling the truth. It’s that simple.

Question: And what do you think about the possibility that President Trump may be charged?

Ben Pollock: Oh, I think that would I think it goes right along with the communist regime and it plays into everything. I got a video I want to send you and it shows you where I was at that day. This may be the last interview I do, but don’t care because I love this country and I want the truth to be out there. That day I come up to the line where they were at, where they were spraying everybody, and they were saying, Oh, we need more men. I saw what they had done to the American people and throwing the grenades on them and hitting them with the rubber bullets and and gassing them with the ammonia gas that just sucks your air out. And I come up and I and I hollered out, I said, Lord, they’re putting a traitor into the Capitol. In the video you see me kind of looking like I’m falling, but I’m not. I’m trying to go down on their on their feet and they’ll charge me for assault for this. These people are being charged for assault. I touch their feet and I prayed. I said, Lord, open their eyes that they can see they’re putting a traitor into the Capitol. History has proven me right.

And it’s going to cost my family everything, but it’s worth it. You know, I didn’t have these children to go sit in a prison to be raped. And that was one of the things I told Tim Taylor that’s over our investigation here in Lakeland. The FBI agent, I told him, I said, if you can look me in the eye that day they raided that home and it was, like I say, one of the most violent raids. If you can look me in the eye and tell me that Jonny will get a fair trial. And if you can look me in the eye and tell me that the FBI wasn’t complicit in on the on the what happened on January 6th, I’ll do my best to help you find him. And I give the same thing with Olivia. It’s a fact. There is no justice in DC. These judges are sold out and they’ll use this against me. In my court case, they’ll say, Oh, he has no respect for the US justice system. You’re right. I don’t. There is no justice.

Now, you know, like I say, Olivia is a grown woman. She made her own decisions. You know, and I made my own decision by doing this interview. I know they can come pick me up. They don’t need my confession, you know, to say that I was there. They already had the tapes of me being there. And what happens tomorrow? I don’t know. And I just know that the pastors need to stand up in their congregations and speak truth and quit holding on to lies and quit brainwashing their congregations into thinking this country is 50-50. We’re in the majority. 80% of the people love truth and every 80% of the people voted for truth. The biggest fight for truth is the 2020 election. And going back to your question with Donald Trump. I don’t think the American people would stand for it. I would hope not.

Question: And why are you particularly worried about what might happen next week?

Ben Pollock: Well, it’s just an onslaught. There’s billions of dollars to go after more more of us. They’ve already spent millions and millions and millions after our family and the Perkins and the Doolins and the Hutchinson’s and the thousands of others. They want to shut us up.

It’s up to the American people. It’s up to the pastors. It’s really up to the pastors. Because if we as Christians don’t get it right, we can’t expect anybody else to. You know, our job as Christians is to intercede and to fast and to pray and to seek his face and turn from our wicked ways. And then that allows the Lord to work to heal our land. It is not going to do it until then. So our our job is as Christians is to do that.

There is no justice in DC right now. The political system is just broken.

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  1. These two kids never stood a chance in life. Brainwashed by their father since birth who is 52 cards short of a full deck but has both jokers in the box.

    • Excellent documentation of true events. Provides insights into the struggle of one family for American ideas and principles. I can empathize with this man for his love of his children and country. This has the making for a true-life movie.

  2. Couldn’t be any more vividly clear and why Trump said…

    “I love the poorly educated”, announced Trump in a jubilant speech as he swept to victory (2016).


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